19 year old dating 23 year old

She was a secretary, he a college graduate who had started work as an estate agent.

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Over four years, they also managed to claim £30,000 for food alone. When Iris was asked to comment on an attack on a gay man in her constituency, she used the opportunity to in turn attack homosexuality itself, calling it 'an abomination' that made her 'sick and nauseous'.

Mr Robinson's candid TV appearance may have bought him some time to counter any further allegations (there is talk of financial impropriety on Mrs Robinson's part) - and also some sympathy, even from quarters where none existed previously.

He issued a simple plea: 'I only ask if people feel they must judge her, that they find within themselves, as I have done, the gift of doing so with mercy and compassion.' stone at other people, sooner of later someone is going to pick up a bit and chuck it at you.

Mr Black broke cover to talk to the BBC and said the relationship developed beyond a friendship and that the couple would take walks together.

He said that Mrs Robinson was keen to 'support this guy'.