This first excavation found over 100 burials, many of which showed blunt force trauma.

Others had projectile points embedded in their bones or were recovered in association with projectiles or weapons.

(2012) re-examined the trauma patterns that were identified by Hurst and Turner (1993). (2012) argue that 7 individuals identified as having peri-mortem trauma is questionable, making the percentage of trauma drop from 48% of the population to only 21%.

Numerous other problems were found with the original data, including multiple individuals listed under a single accession number, missing individuals, and trauma listed in the notes which was note found on the skeletal remains.

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Comparison of individuals with clear trauma showed that the radiocarbon means were at least two generations apart, and there was no overlap in standard deviation.

In addition to the radiocarbon analysis, Coltrain et al.


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Cave 7 " data-medium-file=" The stable isotope analysis supported conclusions of a diet high in maize, however it was the radiometric dating assessment that was interesting.

The Cave 7 burial assemblage dates from 1650 to 2086 in radiocarbon years, and forms a continuous sequence dates separated by no more than a decade.

This course is designed for candidates undertaking the ultrasound component of the obstetric ATSMS.

Upon satisfactory completion of the theory and practical course you will be issued with a certificate of competence to carry out transabdominal first trimester dating, assessment of placental site and amniotic fluid volume and presentation scans under supervision The Theory Course is held on Monday 6th November 2017, followed by 4 days of intensive hands-on supervised scanning, with expectant volunteers from first trimesters through to third trimester pregnancies.