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From the total captives about 2,648 have managed to escape, more than 3,500 remain in captivity.

Our estimate is that hundreds have committed suicide, or been killed by airstrikes.

They remain silent, well maybe not completely silent, but they do not act on a solution.

The Yazidis are on the route towards extinction as a people and there is still no prospect of a solution for those in captivity or for those who have survived.

Then I managed to immigrate to Germany through their program to treat women and girls who managed to escape captivity. Here, my message received some attraction from the international community and the media.

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How do they manage to control these areas if they are not getting help and ammunition or weapons?

After writing about her, I reached out to meet Nadia and find ways our movements V-Day and One Billion Rising could be in solidarity with hers, to highlight the efforts of Yazidi women and men to end genocide and sexual terrorism by ISIS.

Today is the two-year anniversary of the Sinjar Massacre in northern Iraq.

I had a simple life, never left the village, never even been in a major city, my life was all in the village with friends from school and neighbors.

What became of your friends and family after ISIS attacked? 15, ISIS separated about 700 men and young boys from the families and took them to the outskirts of the village and massacred them. We believe they were killed because about 16 men from the village survived the massacres and they later told us that all men were killed.