Updating comand w211

You can see the link for covered models and compatible phones at Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth Connectivity (thanks for pointing that out, lkchris ).Beginning in MY 2010, the COMAND 3.5 used in the S-Class and the CL-Class had Bluetooth built into the COMAND unit, and did not use a separate puck.The module is simply inserted into this pre-installation in the centre armrest.

The various mobile-phone holders from Mercedes-Benz Accessories Gmb H are tailored to the Mercedes-Benz vehicle models in both technical and visual terms.I have updated this post as of late April 2008 to account for new equipment such as the "Universal PSE" and the "Cradle eliminator" cable that will aid owners of 2000-2003 cars in equipping their cars for the many new state "hands free" laws.The new equipment will eliminate the need to find older equipment such as "Autosense" PSEs and V60 cradles, which are sometimes in short supply.High-end telephony: the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (SAP) telephone module offers even more possibilities The familiar Bluetooth® telephone module with SAP (SIM Access Profile) technology can now also be used with the Nokia business-optimised E60, E61 and E70 mobile phones.Business executives who share use of the same car will appreciate the fact that up to four telephones can now be paired with the module.