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These crinkle cozzies are super flattering and suit all body types. The colour is spot-on and that Baywatch high-cut is all anyone's wearing on the beach right now.The actress was seen hurling his mobile phone on to the sand and fleeing the car.

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Either way, 2010 may have been Hollywood's nadir year: Mad Mel raged again; "Cheaters" could have done a whole celebrity season with plenty to spare for next year; and Kanye was ... And when the most promising newcomer is a glamorous yet sassy young thing named Antoine Dodson whose song about his sister's rape made him a You Tube star, it's time to call it a day, hit the reset button and hope for a lot better in 2011.

Here's what made us want to hide the kids, hide the wife ... Dropping the bomb Any chance that Jesse James had at forgiveness after he cheated on America's Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, and ruined her Oscar glow were destroyed when we saw who he was cheating with — Michelle "Bombshell" Mc Gee, better known as Ms. She kind of made us nostalgic for Tiger Woods' mistresses. Diamonds are a girl's best friend Even if they're a gift from a villainous dictator, apparently.

Naomi Campbell was forced to testify at the war-crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor after it was revealed he gave the temperamental model several raw diamonds as a gift after a party (because that's just what dictators do).

When presented with the Lohan/minibar analogy, Smith paused for a moment before replying: '...

I understand your point.'Lohans father told Gossip Cop in a statement: 'Dina and I are seeking legal counsel for Lindsay regarding the slanderous comments and unprofessional behavior of Senator John Kennedy.'His comment and analogy was inappropriate, slanderous and unwarranted. 'He added: 'Tell me, does he have a family member or friend with a former addiction problem? ' Between 20, Lohan went into rehabilitation three times, and spent much of her time entangled in legal problems stemming from misdemeanors and probation violations.