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We did that by using the Date Time class that was introduced with PHP 5.2.

Your very first challenge related to timezones is to deal with how they are calculated relative to the server’s default timezone setting.

So, if you call the date() function—without specifying a timestamp as the second parameter and the timezone is set to GMT—then the date will default to the 0000 timezone.

Equally, if you set the timezone to New York in winter time the timezone will be -0500 (-0400 in summer).

Since PHP 5.1, all the date/time functions create times in the server timezone of the server.

The final step is to work out the offset from your Date Time object to the user’s timezone so you can convert it to that timezone.Spoiler: This is the most extensive guide to build a dating app on the concept, building MVP, optimization, backend stability, application security, real time chat implementation, tinder matching algorithm and content moderation.Want to build an app similar to Tinder for the dating niche?There is also a PHP function that outputs the list of timezones.Server Density uses this to generate a list of timezones as a drop-down menu for the user to select from.