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” Since this ended up kind of long, I’m going to try to organize it and chop it up for you.Below I’ll cover: Many of the stories I got made so glad that I asked for questions because there are people who I feel are poised to make a poor decision that will have a major effect on their life.While I’m not arrogant enough to assume that my 27 years of wisdom are enough to make major life decisions for people I don’t even know, I hope that I can help people methodically think through their own situations and make the best decisions they can.Actually, I hope this post will be general enough that it doesn’t need to apply only to major poker related decisions.This post isn’t going to answer specific questions, but it’s inspired by quite a few.The questions I received most of fell into a category of decisions pertaining to poker as a career: ”Should I finish school?” ”Should I put more of my $ into this and give it a real shot?

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2) Competition, Success – Not just financial, but I like to be working towards something and doing well at it.I like to be able to spend an entire day alone if I’d like. I have the ability to setup #3, and I have been lucky enough to have the freedom (financial and time) to spend time and travel to many of the people who matter most to me.This list was off the top of my head, and I’m sure there’s more, but my list isn’t really important. You need to come up with yours to help you make decisions. 4 is something I didn’t have much of in the past, when I was a complete slave to the games.I’m going to try to respond to as many as I can, most privately, but I wanted to make a more general post about my views on poker as a career.I’m sure that for every person who emailed, there are 100 others in a similar situation.