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Spitzen-Eiskunstlauf gepaart mit wundervoller Live-Musik – charmant moderiert von ARD-Eiskunstlaufexperte Daniel Weiss, selbst zweifacher Deutscher Meister im Eiskunstlauf.Sichern Sie sich bereits heute schon die besten Plätze direkt auf der Eisfläche und erleben Sie dieses Event der Extraklasse live am 30. Eisgala Exquisit 2017 „Concert on Ice“ Samstag, 30.Controlling how users across an organization connect to the Internet and intranets can be a tricky task to administer.

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These specifications cause the user agent to use a particular proxy server or to connect directly.PAC files consist of Java Script defining the function Find Proxy For URL(url, host), and are saved with the file type The return value for this function says whether to use a proxy for this URL, a SOCKS proxy, or connect directly. It will direct the client to use the proxy server (proxy = "PROXY") when they try to access the URL "*.domain.home" or "*".This is really helpful if you have more than just a few users. Next, you would add the path into the "automatic proxy configuration URL" in your browser. local Host Or Domain Is("", " is false (hostname mismatch).Now, you need to goto a URL that will trigger a rule in the PAC file to make sure it works. is In Net(host, "", "") is true if the IP address of host matches exactly