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In 1978, Alcala got a job as a typesetter for “The Los Angeles Times.” He also convinced many young people that he was a professional fashion photographer and thus got them to pose for him.Many of the poses were pornographic, and some investigators believe that Alcala killed some of the subjects.At least one estimate hypothesizes that he has killed as many as 130 people.Alcala’s parents were Raoul Alcala Buquor and Anna Maria Gutierrez. A military psychiatrist diagnosed him as having antisocial personality disorder, and Alcala was given a medical discharge.His mother moved him and his sisters to Los Angeles when he was 12 after being abandoned by Buquor. Alcala then studied at and graduated from the UCLA School of Fine Arts.

Alcala was soon arrested and sent back to California.

As both the show’s title and Alcala’s infamous nickname indicate, the diabolical slayer also competed on TV’s — and won — smack in the midst of a heinous spree. JOHN COOPER: THE BUTCHER OF In 1985, Wales native John Cooper murdered Richard Thomas, 58, and Helen Thomas, the victim’s 56-year-old sister, before torching their farmhouse and escaping.

Scarier still is that Alcala is not the only sicko to have had a go as a game-show contestant who’d later be revealed as a murderer. Had Cooper never killed again, he might have skated forever on the Thomas slayings.

In 1968, Alcala committed his first known crime, when he lured an eight-year-old girl into his Hollywood apartment – and then raped and beat her with a steel bar.

Alcala fled the state and rolled in the NYU film school under the alias of “John Berger.” In 1971, the FBI added Alcala to its “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list.