Are guys addicted to online dating

It got to the stage where I was taking the mobile upstairs when I went to my bed but only last week I took it upstairs and had a look through it - yes I constantly check up on him I wish I didn;t have to but I do - and saw a text to a number he had previously been chatting to and it was really naughty saying that he would like to do particular things to that lady.

I pulled him up again and he promised me that he was never going to meet up with the lady and that he would barr the number from the phone, etc, etc and he was really sorry.

He stopped for ages but I got him a contract mobile phone (which is currently under my name) and when the bill came through it was away up to 200 and looking through it, it was all chat text messages (sky dating channel) and then some mobile numbers which I did not recognise with picture messages to them.

I phoned a few and found out it was women he was chatting to following registering with the dating site.

)All of his profiles on those dating websites said that he is still single and no kids.(The truth is that he's been married for many years and has several kids!

)Only very few of those profiles were registered before he got married.(Even if some profiles were created before he got married, he still logged in every now and then after he got married, yet he never changed his marital status. Don't expect too much that your bf would change his hobbies(or addiction) for you. To some people, cheating is part of his(her) personality.

Sometimes it gets very risky and I have seen what he texts to some people.Women do too, some married ladies have asked me out here, yep this is a fact but we never met though.YOUR BOBO IS A YAW YAW BOY 4 LIFE YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF HIM , COS HE IS TRYING TO SECURE A FUTURE FOR YOU GUYS TO BE HAPPY.I even found out that he tried to date with some of his female netfriends.I'm working on my divorce now, happened to find this forum today by searching information. Dear Sad Woman, Apologies for the delay of my answer.