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“My boyfriend and I will not have sex before we are married, and we have a completely normal, respectful and healthy relationship.” “We are not waiting until marriage because we fear the opposite sex, or because we can’t find someone to love,” she wrote.“People who abstain from premarital sex have good reasons for doing so.

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“While people commonly believe that abstinent people fear their own sexuality or intimacy with members of the opposite sex, the reality is that many of us are in physically fulfilling relationships,” wrote Irvine.

“Though Georgetown is a Catholic institution that respects the church’s view of marriage, its student groups nevertheless have a responsibility to care for and protect the entire student body,” the editorial continued.

Its authors didn’t mention their suggestion for how the school should care for and protect students who support traditional marriage, who agree with Catholic teaching that sodomy is immoral, and who have been hurt by the hook-up culture.

Planned Parenthood is the country’s largest abortion business and commits over 300,000 abortions annually.

Georgetown defended its decision to host the abortion company president.