Dating for conservative christians

One of the reasons conservative Christians present for holding such view is that the Bible warns us not to give in to “sins of the flesh” especially in relationships outside marriage.On the other hand, liberal Christians advocate a more intimate approach to Christian relationships outside marriage.Though this process must be prayerfully followed, there are some thorny matters that prayers may not provide the immediate solution. This question poses a problem whenever it is raised.The answers Christians give depend on their denominational background. They point out the difference between dating and courting.

People tend to meet themselves during social gatherings. The death of Christ ushered in the New Covenant so it’s not surprising that we don’t find the idea and practice of arranged marriages in the New Testament. As children of God, we have to understand that it is only God that gives us the right mate.

Obviously, God will not use the burning bush experience to show you instantly who you should marry.

However, He wants to guide us through the process of knowing when to date, who to date and who we are to eventually marry.

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Nowadays, young Christian men and women have unique means of meeting and knowing each other.