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“It’s kind of surreal seeing Donald Trump run for president because I used to see him at parties sometimes and run into him,” she said.“I was a judge at his Miss USA pageant when he used to own it, so it’s definitely kind of surreal and weird.”At the time, Trump was gearing up his campaign for the presidency, and Madison’s comments highlighted Trump’s unlikely transition from a reality TV star who thrilled in the sleazier aspects of celebrity to the Republican Party leader.Hefner was a lifelong supporter of LGBT rights, speaking out on high-profile issues such as sodomy laws, same-sex marriage and transgender rights well into his later years.She ran to Las Vegas and gave herself four years to climb out of the rabbit hole she felt like she had fallen into.It was there that she was finally ready to fight her own demons and uncover what she wanted to do for the rest of her life - but not without some embarrassing experiences with men not Hugh Hefner.Holly left the mansion in 2008 when she was 28 years old, after being one of Hefner's girls for seven years.On the campaign trail, Trump pitched himself as a defender of the values of conservative Christians—the very same people Hefner regarded as his chief enemies—and he even spoke at a conference of evangelical leaders in Orlando in August 2016.

Kendra recently tweeted that Holly is rewriting history with her opinions on the Playboy Mansion After leaving the mansion, Las Vegas was good to Holly.

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