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More and more came to identify intelligence as the One among traits, because when beauty and charm run out, intelligence sustains. Researchers analyzing sexuality and intelligence at the University of New Mexico have postulated that language, humor and reason have evolved effectively over thousands of generations because humans find it the most attractive in sexual partners.

They were studying a sample population correlating healthy sperm count and intelligence in men, which was flagged as proportional.

Therefore, needless to say, this term will have to survive a lot more tightrope tests before it is really accomplished as a sexual orientation.

Let me start by saying that I want you guys to succeed, hookup, find the girl of your dreams, have babies or meet that special someone who has the same cheese grater fetish you do.

Having more intelligent mates would naturally better the chances to survive; therefore it is not primitively about eager millennials picking wit over good looks for a date here. Well, sexuality never really was a long straight road.

Sexuality is understood as the enduring pattern of sexual attractions, so it could be said that someone who is purely into intelligence is a sapiosexual. And who isn’t looking for smart people to hang out with?

When it comes to texting, it’s safe to assume that most women want to see the same things in writing that you want to see when a girl flirts with you.

I mean, seriously nobody could be attracted specifically towards dumb people, duh.So use the following as guides when texting a woman.For the sake of at least giving those of you who seem to have trouble with your words something to plagiarize, I have come up with 7 translations to some of the posts on Straight White Boys Texting.At the end of the day, relationships depend on a lot more of illogical sentiments and personality, than cold rationality or creative genius.“When time comes, I’ll marry the smart One.”Also, there is an inherent hypocrisy among people.Everyone would rather date the hot one and marry the smart one, even though they claim smartness is what turns them on.