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Steam OS runs a script which sets the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor, before starting Steam.This script does not run when the desktop mode is launched, allowing the desktop itself to pick a resolution.If even that fails, you're have to manually kill the game.If you do not have a keyboard connected to your system the easiest way to do this if to press the power button on the system, wait for the system to fully shut down and turn it back on again.Those of you still affected could try clearing your browser cache: cd /home/steam/.local/share/Steam/config/ # change into the directory containing htmlcache sudo tar cfvz gz htmlcache # create backup sudo rm -rf htmlcache/* # remove all files sudo shutdown -r now # reboot system If content, such as Netflix within the Steam client browser, still throws a "Whoops, something went wrong" error, try playing a Steam game broadcast again. Usually when Steam freezes it will automatically restart itself after a couple of seconds.Otherwise holding the home/Steam/Xbox button for a couple of seconds might get Steam to respond again.Running a broken Steam Client on a restored OS might break the OS again.To fix this, you need to do the steps described in "Autorepair boot loop" immediately after restoring the system partition.

It does not hurt, and it suggested, that you first try to reach out to your vendor the machine was purchased from.You’ll end up with a boot loop on the following message: When, during troubleshooting, you get an error immediately after logging in as desktop user, Steam OS is broken.You can repair Steam OS by choosing the "Restore System Partition" item in the bootloader.Important to note is that this will only fix your OS, not the Steam Client itself.It is possible that both your OS and the steam client are broken.