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Speed networking is often referenced as a derivative of speed dating, Speed networking, a more recent concept, arose from the combination of speed dating and business networking and is thought to have started in the United States and, perhaps, simultaneously in the United Kingdom.Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, speed networking was introduced by Michael Piddock, future founder of event technology company Glisser, to increase employee-to-employee connections in corporate events.Talk to your app provider and ask how they can help to implement unconventional networking environments.

Networking is often reason number one why delegates attend and the need for Connexity is alive and kicking.Simply put, the goals were two, to introduce people who would not traditionally meet and to optimize the way attendees meet potential collaborators for projects.Researchers asked a few questions before the event aimed at understanding competency/skills and degrees of separation.A new research gives fresh insights to improve attendee networking at meetings and conferences. I just learned (thanks to Silvia Malesardi) about a piece of research published 2 days ago that looks at techniques to improve the networking experience at events. I usually research academic articles for fresh research that impacts new meeting formats and technology, but I am often disappointed.Therefore I could not miss the opportunity to let you know about this very easy to understand research which comes with a repository on Git Hub for those that want to try it out.