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Richardson contends that the development of sex robots will ultimately reinforce behaviors in which women are treated as sexual objects. Asaro's tone was chilling as he contemplated autonomous weapon systems and armed artificial intelligences: "It's important to realize that targeting a weapon is an act - a moral act," Asaro said.It's a remarkable document, if only for the fact that it's being issued by an outgoing administration in its final months in office.Clearly, the White House considers AI an immediate governance issue for the incoming administration.Adam Kolber, of Brooklyn Law School, gave an intriguing presentation about virtual currency systems like Bitcoin, which aren't A. in any meaningful sense, but are designed on the binary level to be unshackled and self-sufficient.At the end of the day, Devlin's discussion of the ethics of robot sex and companionship held the most resonance, if only because it's the issue we're likely to be dealing with soonest.