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You’re going to want to block out a good period of time to read this, because there’s no way you’ll be able to just set it aside after a few chapters – hours will pass, and you’ll find yourself lost in Eden’s world.

Also an interesting part about this book, and something that makes it completely different than other books dealing with this subject, is the fact that it details Eden’s life it occurred, instead of the events that led up to it happening.

Some have started to push back against a curated version of reality that doesn't reflect a person's ups and downs.

Voor wie de grotvergelijking van Plato eens mooi geanimeerd wil terugzien deze bijzonder realistische video.

The other, with his hand over face, one eye shut, post-anxiety attack.

Laws went on to describe his symptoms: breathlessness, dizziness, stomach pains, headaches and more.

A woman named Amber Smith bucked that trend earlier this month when she opted to reveal a more well-rounded version of herself -- anxiety and all.

Her character is one that you can’t help but feel a connection with instantly, and this amazing writing lasts throughout the entire book as we watch Eden develop from a girl into a young woman.

The book opens right after the incident happens – and we instantly are drawn in – feeling every emotion that Eden herself feels.

She is scared, no – terrified, and she doesn’t know what to do. Her family idolizes Kevin – her brother’s best friend, and she doesn’t believe that they would even hear her, let alone believe her accusations.

One minute you’ll feel like everything might work out for Eden, and the next minute, you’ll find that you’re watching her fall apart and exhibit even worse self-destructive behavior than she did the year before.

It’s depressing, it’s horrifying, and it’s so well written that you won’t put this book down until you finish reading Eden’s story.