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They started off walking, and it just sort of happened. In this article I’m going to expand on the benefits of going to bed a little hungry. Five ways to lose weight without losing your sanity – January 22, 2013 I have some bad news: Your metabolism hates you. 10 ways to stick your New Year’s fitness resolution – January 8, 2013 Waking up on January 1 with a Godzilla-sized hangover and dragging your butt to the gym because this is the yearyou’re finally going to get in shape is not a good plan.The night before you had a booze-to-blood ratio that would tranquilize a rhino, and now you’re on your way to a place you hate in an attempt to white-knuckle your way to weight loss.It’s viable to use walking as your sole fitness routine to achieve optimal health, physical performance and even reap the weight loss benefits if you do it enough. 12 ways to stay fit when you’re at the cottage – August 7, 2012 With summer often comes the challenge of keeping up our routines. It used to be that if it had the word “nut” in it, my kids were allergic to it and keeping things like Turtles, Toffifee, Ferrero Rocher, pecan pie, and a whole host of other yummy nut-containing treats out of our house was no contest. How to stay motivated to exercise during the holidays – December 6, 2011 We’re full-on into the holiday season right now, a time of year when people often find it difficult to stick to their fitness goals and find the time to exercise.Vacations and long weekend trips mean getting away from things like regular gym visits, fitness classes and running schedules, or maybe (like me) you couldn’t manage to get the bikes attached to the back of the minivan. How to kayak your way to a fitter you – June 27, 2012 I have a two-person sea kayak that I christened, “The Marriage Saver.” My marriage wasn’t in trouble, but it would have been had I gone kayaking with my wife in separate boats. Learning to love exercise: the three stages – January 24, 2012 I suppose it’s still January, isn’t it? I don’t think of struggles with sticking to a fitness regimen as a problem to be solved — I think of it as a solution to your problems. Five reasons to ditch your personal trainer – November 29, 2011 I know people who will not work out without a trainer.They’ve created a page on the Chatelaine website that has all of my articles listed, with the most recent being first. Leeza Gibbons on fitness, weight loss and the freshman 15 – April 2, 2013 Leeza Gibbons is many things: TV and radio host (Entertainment Tonight, Leeza, America Now, the PBS weekly My Generation), speaker, activist, businesswoman (she has a successful scrapbook line), wife and Mom. How to get a summer-ready body in three months – March 19, 2013 If you want to change the way you look for July, June is too late to start. The secret to losing weight from a former fat guy – February 12, 2013 It’s been 20 years since I was overweight, and I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks for staying lean over the years.She can now add New York Times bestselling author to the list. How to beat running boredom: six tips – March 26, 2013 A little while ago I was talking to a friend about marathon training and she asked me how I avoid getting bored on long runs. If you want to look your bikini best this summer then you need to get started now. How to transform from a walker to runner – February 26, 2013 I’ve talked to many people who never intended to be runners. The truth about boosting your metabolism – February 19, 2013 When I Google “boost metabolism” many of the results have words like “magic” and “miracle” in them. Think of this as part two to my last article about losing weight without losing your sanity.Due to recent OFCOM approved increases in the cost to use our 08 numbers, we have decided to introduce a guaranteed prepaid voucher, or Pin Product, for new and existing UK phone chat clients.

The method involves 20 seconds of all-you’ve-got-intensity, followed by a 10 second rest, repeated up to eight times.

Viewers watched as she, and fellow relationships experts Amy Laurent and Julia Allison, navigated the single world trying to find a love of their own (insert disastrous dates, threesome proposals and acrobatics here). Hiking: how it blasts calories and boosts weight loss – August 28, 2012 We’re big fans of walking here at . What I’m saying is I generally prefer downhill skiing, but I do value cross-country skiing as an excellent and fun form of exercise. Why you should run outside this winter – January 10, 2012 So many people view January as life-overhaul season, and it lasts about five minutes because people hate change. We also want greener grass, a nicer car, better behaved kids, and a cleaner house.

It’s the single most popular form of exercise the world over, and the health benefits are tremendous. Did you resolve earlier this month to be kinder, eat healthier, exercise more, drive slower, drink less, yell less, be more generous and stop watching reality TV this year? I’d settle for my kids behaving well enough to do some more cleaning around the house. Exercise is about a lot more than burning calories – December 21, 2011 After 18 years of being a fitness guy, it was in 2011 that I got my biggest eye-opener about exercise ever: I finally realized that burning calories is the least important thing exercise does. Exercise can help beat cravings and holiday weight gain – December 13, 2011 That Toffifee stuff is the devil.

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