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Every night of the week they cover a different itinerary depending on the clients desires and current events.

The party goes on a daily basis, all year round currently, visiting more than 20 bars and clubs in the city - most of them located in the historical centre of Athens.

You can also find club info in the Athenorama Magazine which comes out every week. Check also Athens version of Time-Out and the Athens News for special events like touring musical groups. Two Rembetika singers, one Rembetist violin in musical scheme. (Tel 210 8254779)Many places close in Athens when the weather gets warm but Stoa Athanaton in the Central Market of Athens (in the meat section) is one of the best places to hear authentic rembetika. Well known Greek bands and touring bands from the UK and USA. You can phone 210 644-6512 for directions or e-mail them at 7-Times Club at 13 Maiouli Street right by the Monastiraki Metro Station in Psiri plays international music, a mix of live and DJ.

Many of these clubs are closed in the summer so call first. In the daytime go to Kapni Karea Cafe which is between Metropolis and Ermou Streets in this little alley a block down from the small church of Kapni Karea in the middle of Ermou street. Their house band plays everything from Elvis to Depeche Mode and you can hear anything from rock and roll, to swing, different varieties of jazz, pop, funk, bozza-nova, sixties and even Irish music on St Patrick's day.

Panos Katsimichas from the famous Katsimichas brothers sings his top 10 Greek folk rock songs. Now the shows change nightly with big shows on the weekends. Besides the usual touring young acts, last summer brought Vanilla Fudge and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders to Gagarin. Also keep your eyes and ears open for concerts by well-known artists in the theater on Mount Lycavettos. I have seen James Brown, Roy Harper, the Byrds, Nikos Papazoglou and a few others there. Tel.210 924-6978 Poikili Stoa at 14 Agiou Filippou Street is an ouzeri-mezedopoulion-snack bar with a spectacular view of the Acropolis and ancient Athens, and an owner and staff who love American Blues and Jazz and are eager to play it and talk about it. Allotivo is for those who like to listen to sophisticated jazz in a small classy bar while drinking fine scotch and whiskies, high-end tequila and hard to find imported beers on tap.

This is one of the first and best rock clubs in Athens starting back in the early seventies when it hosted season long shows by both Socrates and Savopoulos among others. This club is a little out of the way but may be one of the best places in the world to see your favorite bands. 210 271-8205 Blues People: Kelsou 5-7 and Bouliagmenis 63.

210 331-4330122 : Doukisis Plakentias 122 and Panormou.

210 323-5330 Fidelio : Ogigou 2 and Nauarachou Apostoli.

Or if you take the 2, 4 or 9 trolley and get off at Platia Kypseli you can walk down it is on the left on the corner of Zakynthou Street. Karabani Restaurant (see above too)is next to the old Kypseli Laiki market on the corner of Fokionos Negri and Zakynthos street in a basement where you can eat, drink and listen to rembetika-laika singers and bouzouki players like Giannis Lempesis on Friday-Saturday nights and all day Sunday. On Sinopis street in the Athens tower, this college style bar plays live music on most nights, serves great draft beer and has an atmosphere that will make you think you are in Austin Texas, Boston, Mass or Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 210 364-5027 Venue( The Uptown): Kiffisias and Sina 7. 210 610-6869 U-Matic (Future Club): Vouliagmenis 268. 210 971-6145Bareladiko Next Generation : Tefthidos 7. The club is called Karabani and features musicians like Giannis Lempesis and his excellent group or Babis Golis. See their website Jazz-Online is a Greek site that will tell you everything there is to know about Jazz in Greece including concerts, festivals and the clubs that play jazz. With an extensive bar menu, lots of imported beers, great music and lots of energetic X-pats who seem to be mostly Irish and Greek-Irish. Their bigscreen TVs show sports from all over the world including NFL Football, Major League Baseball and NBA Basketball as well as Cricket, European Football and whatever else happens to be on. (recommended by Michaeli) KIBUBU 9 Galatsiou, Patissia. Lempesis and Golis are old style rembetika singers and bouzouki players, of the same generation as Babis Tsertos, in fact they used to play together, with a dozen or so albums to their credit. There is also a page that introduces you to Greek jazz musicians, articles, interviews and everything you need to know about jazz in Greece. In my opinion this is the best bar in Athens and over the Christmas holidays I ended most nights here.