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So hypocritical it blew my mind with it’s hilarity. I called him out and exposed him before his beloved followers yet he couldn’t handle the irrefutable point I had given.He had lost with one rebuttal and his ego would not allow it. This very interesting tweet struck a cord deep within me: This was a HUGE tell.No matter how small a chance you think you may have, you MUST TRY to destroy it, whether it be your body, mind, beliefs, or other things.If you don’t fix it, you can never achieve your fullest potential. His armchair analytics via Twitter tweets are very amusing and to the untrained eye he seems like a competent observer in psychology, despite having zero professional training in the field, using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (which NO Psychological Association says has any validity or credibility in psychology), or any credentials to back up his ego driven analysis’ at all.

I was stuck in boring USA the land of fat women, if anything, I was miserable back home! (Tweet me for details) All men make fun of each other and shit talk, to weed out the weak ones.

Quite frankly, this is not something a secure man does.

He immediately starts to bash the man who already has the very thing he wants. I doubt he wants to know about her stance on Philosophy or her thoughts on Brexit. He then does what most haters do to things they can’t have: They bash them.

However, for the record he is vehemently working to correct it.

Recently on twitter, I played an April fools joke on him by trolling him very hard.