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Ana Gutierrez (mother) Gabriel Duncroft (father) Mariana Adams Foster (twin sister) Stef Adams Foster (adoptive mother) Lena Adams Foster (adoptive mother) Brandon Foster (adoptive brother) Jude Adams Foster (adoptive brother) Callie Adams Foster (adoptive sister) Francesca Adams Foster (adoptive sister; deceased) Isabella Gutierrez (maternal half-sister) Victor Gutierrez (grandfather) Elena Gutierrez (grandmother) Dana Adams (adoptive grandmother) Stewart Adams (adoptive grandfather) Sharon Elkin (adoptive grandmother) Frank Cooper (adoptive grandfather, deceased) Nathan Adams (adoptive uncle) Adriana Gutierrez (cousin) Jesus Adams Foster (born Jesus Gutierrez) is the son of Ana Gutierrez and the adoptive son of Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster, the fraternal twin brother of Mariana Foster.

He is also the adoptive brother of Brandon Foster, Callie Adams Foster, and Jude Adams Foster.

Jesus and Mariana began living with Stef and Lena when they were 6 years old and were officially adopted by them when they were 11 years old.

Jesus is a handsome young man; he has a well-built form and possesses medium toned brown hair, and eyes to match.

Consequently When Jesus goes to take his pills, he notices he only has 3 left, so he doesn't take his pills to cover for Mariana.

Jesus and Mariana are very close and even when they disagree, they still love each other.

Jesus and Mariana's birth mother, Ana, abandoned them for another man and drugs.

It is said that they were with her until they were around five years old.

Although, Jesus does try managing his ADHD to the best of his ability; he joined the wrestling team so that he could have a way to release his aggression.

Jesus meets Callie at dinner with everyone else, where he tells Callie that Stef and Lena are gay and that they prefer the term "people".