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Plus you will have the opportunity to join local culture visits, wine tasting, local events and festivals, music evenings and other food and drink related events.The friendliest and by far the most active Meet Up social group in Malta.)Keep an eye on the page as we have many plans,both annual local events and one off evenings.Your suggestions and contributions are always welcome Your organiser Julia has at least 20 years experience in organising events, both business and social.A few hundred metres from the temple is one of the thirteen watchtowers built by Grand Master Martin de Redin, called Ħamrija Tower.

(Though please note we are a friendship group NOT a dating site!

The northern temple uniquely has three insulated layers of flooring.

The pavement on the topmost level is not marked by sacrificial fires, unlike the lower floors.

Bones of numerous sacrificial animals have been found.

It is theorized that the Ħaġar Qim complex was built in three stages, beginning with the 'Old Temple' northern apses, followed by the 'New Temple', and finally the completion of the entire structure.