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Country listeners tend to also like pop music, the data shows, but pop fans don't like country in the same way.

The most popular genres in the study were pop and rock music, Woolhouse says, but that's partly because they're "so ubiquitous" and have lots of different artists lumped into them.

"That says something about the type of person who likes that type of music." "We think it relates to personality." So what exactly does that say about subcultures of music and the people who listen to them?

Are pop fans just totally unable to get down to an old-timey bluegrass tune, and are indie fans also running out in droves to buy Kanye West albums?

BTS lit up the red carpet at this year's American Music Awards on Sunday, where the megahit Korean boy band were getting ready to debut their new song "DNA," and they stopped to chat with ET about their amazing fans. The guys flew solo to the event, and got real about why they didn't need any significant others to join them on the red carpet."We've got [our] ARMY," RM explained on behalf of his bandmates.

As soon as their plane landed at LAX, their devotees were already ready and waiting to welcome them to the States with signs, selfies and a lot of excited screaming."We never expected so [many] fans in the airport," RM told ET's Keltie Knight on the red carpet outside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. "We've got thousands of girlfriends here in this arena.

It's going down at The Joint (naturally) inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. Wayne's following Waka Flocka Flame and Flo Rida, who've performed at the 33rd and 34th AVNs.

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Researchers in the lab – which is spearheaded by professor Matthew Woolhouse – have spent months pouring over data from more than a billion song downloads since it opened in 2013.Woolhouse doesn't have an easy answer – at least not yet, anyway."It has to do with more complex sociological reasons that we're currently exploring," he said.Pop and rock listeners work the same way too, and enjoy each others' genres.On the flip side, some genres totally hate each other, like metal and jazz.