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It's an indictment of Congress, which has never properly empowered the Director of National Intelligence.

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In fact, it is precisely the mission of the NCTC to connect dots. He thought for a moment, and said, "About 50." Do these databases talk to one another? Michael Leiter himself is well regarded by the intelligence community. But the SSCI report finds explicitly that the NCTC "Failed to Fulfill Its Mission."That is a damning indictment of a lot of people.I'm quite certain the Batman can attest to the oddness of dating within our workplace. Nevertheless, I am not known for my personality, at least not in any positive manner. Logically speaking, one can always account for flukes in statistics. So my eccentricity shouldn't theoretically be a turn-off in this case. So it can't be my personality that has drawn her to me. What is the thread that draws us closer and closer together? Averages are determined from data and while they represent the norm of that data, they do not represent the entirety of that data. It's an indictment of the entire structure of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the NCTC.It's an indictment of the CIA, which apparently still refuses to share key counterterrorism information with the NCTC.