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Visit the magazine or catalog website, and plug your customer number (found on the back or inside flap of a recent issue) into the online change-of-address form.Alternatively, you can call the publication and ask for an address change over the phone.

If you decide to fill out an online form to change your name, USPS provides the option of giving your credit card as proof of your identity.I say most likely because whatever feedback is left most likely will stem from the fact you would not change the address...course there is always the chance the feedback will be vague enough not to be removed..removal process seems to have become seller friendly recently. When you are scammed, always report to help Amazon build a case against them. Just use the tools available to you at the moment and hang in there!As for claim you will defend the claim stating that you will refund the order once the item is returned. I refunded and said I apologize but I can't change the shipping address per Amazon Policy. Make sure to click the "if you find this suspicious, report it to us." I think this is very important. I have been around since 2003 it gets better every year for sellers.Anyone can use this feature to change their address and forward their mail.You can request a change for both permanent as well as temporary moves.