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Typically if you manually manage music, you can add some music with a simple drag and drop song transfer that will not force syncing of everything in i Tunes.

But if the i OS devices music library has been pre filled through a recent sync or backup, it will try to autofill more stuff along with that action, regardless of whether you are manually managing music or not.

But this does work, so if you’re trying to copy a single song or a group of songs from i Tunes to an i Phone and a whole ton of music is trying to go along with it, this is probably why, and this is how you can prevent it.

If you already have an i Tunes account, sign in with it here.The i Pod Shuffle is different from the other i Pods: it doesn’t have a screen.And while there are a few other differences, setting one up is fairly similar to setting up other models.This is because the autofill list is, by default, the same list of music on the device – or that to be on the device – the discrepancy of whats currently stored on the i OS device versus what’s in this list is what accounts for the unwanted autofilling music that gets copied over when trying to add a single song or two. Yes, it’s confusing, mostly because it’s a weirdly implemented feature that doesn’t make a lot of sense.Unfortunately, there’s no simple “Disable Autofill Completely” option, so if you want to stop the random music copying over along with a single song or two this is what we’re left with for the time being.