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Codenamed Colt, the Capri was conceived as a European answer to Detroit’s Mustang “pony car”, although its flashy three-door coupé format and early 1.3-litre versions led cynics to deride it as a Cortina in drag.

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For all Ford enthusiasts, January 2 1975 remains one of the most important dates on the calendar.

The recently reconditioned braking system requires anticipation and a strong right foot.

The Capri Brooklands, originally £11,999, still attracts admiring looks and commands good prices, with one optimistic owner of an earlier but E-registered, 10,000-mile example currently asking £16,995 for its rugged charms.

My first impression of Mark’s Ghia was of just how radically different the Granada is from its immediate predecessor, the Mk4 Zephyr/Zodiac, a six-seater barge with a bonnet resembling a mid-size aircraft carrier and handling to match.

When the Granada was introduced into the UK, the whole concept of a “big Ford” changed from a scaled-down Detroit chintz-mobile to a Cologne-designed Euro-box with excellent road manners.