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I can only take 22 students per session for a workshop.

The master students who did not get into the Saturday Mitchell Gossett/David Doan/Melissa Berger Workshop got first pick for the Sunday session with Mitchell Gossett/ David Doan, the spot that was suppose to be for Film 2-Film 5.

Students will experience the role of being a casting director themselves, and auditioning for one another in a mock audition.

They will also learn how to improve their acting career from someone who's been in the acting business for decades.

This all new two day workshop was built to challenge you and help you grow in multiple areas of your acting.

That is why we are giving you a chance to sign up for the next workshop ahead of time by following the directions located above in this section.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS You must be a CURRENT STUDENT attending class to participate in seminars AND you must have completed AC 1, AC 2 & or Film 1 & Film 2 or Film 1 & Film 3.

We had to sacrifice the spot meant for Film 2-Film 5, but It's only fair!

Masters will always get priority at my studio since they have worked harder and longer on their skills than any of the lower level students, however I know it hurts not to be allowed to be in a workshop that was that important.