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It different to getting goosebumps if your cold or I’ll. I have been able to feel this sensation for as long as i can remember, even as a child.

I go ice cold too even though I am not cold before this happens. As a child I was very sensitive to spirits- staying in old homes I could often see/feel what happened there and this scared me.

I did a meditation session with someone else and after I came out, I happen to start speaking with the owner again and here come the chills again! Reply I am 12 years old,and I have been experiencing these “Spiritul Chills” for about a year now and it kinda scares me!

My friends in school said it means a spirit is taking over a body (a bad one) so I’m trying my best to believe it’s my Guardian Angel!!!

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As they stood there I got this tremendous surge through out my body that lasted a few seconds and go away for a second and came back again not as strong or as long. I think I am beginning to tap into other gifts as well- recently i’ve become very attuned to frequencies, I can hear strange sounds (like a radio tuning) and often randomly/out of the blue or when I have just read/see/felt something compelling.Has this anything to do with physic or spiritual chills. Thank You Reply I was in a wellness center today where they do reiki and massage and a number of other holistic things. The owner came over to talk to me as I was browser crystals and deciding what to purchase.At first I thought it was the energy of the stone I was holding while talking to the owner that games in intense chills. I’m going back there tomorrow another session with my meditation teacher and hopefully she will be there but what do you think it means???If you’ve anymore information or helpful suggestions please do let me know.Best, Alexandria C Reply Melanie, My older sister just passed away from a long illness.