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A microphone is positioned under the camera to record sound.

They are powered directly from a building that is approximately 750 feet away but the video and audio feed is transmitted wirelessly.

We can provide you with educational materials to support learning about osprey and other wildlife in Boulder County.

If you are a teacher looking for more information, please contact Deborah Price, 303-678-6215. If your network blocks access to You Tube, then you may not be able to watch the live feed. Because this is a live streaming video, You Tube blocks it to users who have enabled Restricted Mode.

This banded female osprey is not the resident female and may have lost her mate and/or was looking for a new partner. See the interactive timeline above for specific dates and other significant events.

The camera is an Axis P5534 network camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom.

Smaller birds can nest in the nest material and are usually ignored by the osprey.

One year we saw a Great Blue Heron perching frequently on the platform with no apparent disruption to the osprey The osprey is the only local raptor that almost exclusively hunts fish.

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Osprey migrate far to the south every year to Central or South America.

On rare occasions, they will eat squirrel or muskrat.

Osprey will sometimes scout for fish from its nest.

In 20, a female osprey with a metal band around her leg was seen.

We reported the band number to the United States Geological Survey Bird Banding Program and received the band report.